Intestinal Research (01/26/2016) Park, D.I.

Although biological therapies offer significant hope in the management of immune-mediated inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), using these agents over the long term could be quite expensive. CT-P13, the first biosimilar to infliximab, may help reduce costs and increase patient treatment options. But the biosimilar's safety and efficacy have only been studied for rheumatic diseases, raising concerns regarding the extrapolation of outcomes from those trials to IBD and the interchangeability of CT-P13 with infliximab. While recent research has demonstrated CT-P13's similarity to infliximab in terms of efficacy and safety, Dong Il Park of Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine in Seoul, Korea, calls for "well-designed, prospective randomized non-inferiority trials ... to confidently integrate infliximab biosimilars into IBD treatment."

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